Geberit UP720 Duofix frame for wall hung WC, H114 with Sigma cistern 8cm 2016 series

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1. Complete Geberit UP720 Sigma 8cm WC Toilet Cistern Frame With Brackets MPN 111.799.00.1

2. Sanit Eisenberg WC Bend MPN 16.002.00..0000

Application Purposes
- For drywall construction
- For installation in part or room height prewall installations
- For installation in a loadbearing stud wall
- For wall-hung WC with connection dimensions in accordance with EN 33:2011
- Suitable for wall-hung WCs with projection up to 70cm
- For single flush, or dual flush.
- For floor construction 0-20cm
- For installation of a wall-hung WC with bolt fixings set at 180 or 230mm centres
- For connecting Geberit AquaClean
- Any wall boarding must be fixed tight against the face of the DuoFix frame and screwed directly to the frame

- Series 2016
- Installation depth of 80-110mm drainage dependant. (side drainage increase installation depth)
- Frame Height 1140mm
- Adjustable flushing volume
- Large flush 7.5, 6, 4.5 litre
- Small flush 4,3 litre
- Factor set flush 6 and 3 litre
- Suitable for all Sigma flush actuation plates (except Sigma40)
- Sound-absorbing actuator rods, tool free, fast adjustment
- Suitable for Type01 and Type10 flush buttons
- M12 threaded rods for ceramic fastening
- Front actuation only
- Self-supporting frame, powder coated
- Frame with Ø 9mm fixing holes for fastening in to timber frame construction
- Frame suitable for ceramic WC appliances with small contact surface (with pressure-resistant wall covering)
- Leg support, zinc-plated, infinitely variable in height
- Non-slip leg supports
- Foot plate depth suitable for installation in U-profiles UW 50 and Geberit Duofix system rails

- Connection bend can be installed without tools at different depths
- Connection bend can be mounted vertically with front flush
- Waste connector bend, extended, for connection in floor
- Fastening for connection bend, sound-absorbing
- Concealed cistern with front actuation, fully insulated against condensation
- Cistern fulfils standard requirements in accordance with EN 14055, Class II
- Immediate post flush possible with factory setting
- Tool-free installation and maintenance work on concealed cistern
- Water supply connection at the top, offset to left side
- Universal water supply connection compatible with MeplaFix, can be mounted and operated without tools.
- Connection hose to angle stop valve can be fastened without tools
- Protection cover box for service opening protects against moisture and dirt
- Protection box for service opening can be adjusted to length without tools, suitable for surface-even actuator plates
- Equipped with conduit pipe for feed pipe for connection of Geberit AquaClean shower toilets
- Cistern can be operated with recycled water (rainwater) provided it is passed through a filter system.

- Water supply connection R 1/2, compatible with MeplaFix, with integrated angle stop valve and hand wheel
- Protection box for service opening
- 2 wall anchors
- Connection set for WC, ø 90 mm
- Connection bend 90° made of PE-HD, ø 90 mm
- Adapter socket made of PE-HD, ø 90 / 110 mm
- 2 protection plugs
- 2 threaded rods M12
- Fastening material



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Geberit UP720 Duofix frame for wall hung WC, H114 with Sigma cistern 8cm 2016 series

Geberit UP720 Duofix frame for wall hung WC, H114 with Sigma cistern 8cm 2016 series

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