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Grohe Rapid Sl 0.82m Wc Concealed Toilet Frame + Grohe Euro Ceramic L Rimless Wall Hung Toilet Pan With Soft Close Seat 7in1 Set

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38773000 + 39328000 + 39330001

The GROHE Euro Ceramic wall-hung WC offers powerful cleaning and sleek silhouette for the modern bathroom
Update your bathroom with style and practicality using the GROHE Euro Ceramic wall-hung WC. A wall-hung WC will add a pared-back, contemporary feel to your bathroom, and the sleek design (measuring 540 x 370mm) conceals powerful features. In glossy Alpine White vitreous china, the WC’s rimless technology gives germs nowhere to hide, making cleaning easy and guaranteeing improved performance, while the GROHE Triple Vortex flush uses three water outlets to create a silent, powerful, splash-free vortex that cleans every corner of the bowl. The flush volume is 5/3L and the WC comes with a fixation set included. The GROHE Euro Ceramic collection has been designed for a seamless fit with GROHE Arena Cosmopolitan flush plates and GROHE Rapid SL installation sets, for complete aesthetic harmony and ultimate performance. By choosing GROHE ceramics you benefit from GROHE’s global expert in sanitary fittings, plus 100 years of technical excellence and expertise from LIXIL, the leading brand in surface technology. GROHE Euro Ceramic – modern, distinctive design to fit your lifestyle perfectly. Ideal for combining with the GROHE Euro Ceramic WC seat with SoftClose feature (39330000) or GROHE Euro Ceramic WC seat (39331000).

GROHE PowerFlush guarantees perfect hygiene

The GROHE PowerFlush toilet has an innovative bowl profile and two or three water jets which combine to create a spinning vortex of water that cleans the whole pan perfectly every time. Total hygiene guaranteed.
Make cleaning super easy with the GROHE Rimless WC

Hygiene and cleaning made simple! Less dirt collects on a rimless WC and the flush performs better too. Choose the GROHE Rimless WC for a bathroom that sparkles all day, every day.

Grohe Euro Ceramic L Rimless Wall Hung Toilet Pan

Grohe Euro Ceramic L Soft Close Seat

The GROHE Rapid SL 3 in 1 WC Set 38773000 is designed for concealed (in-wall or in-front-of-the-wall) installations with wall hung toilets and comprises:

- Rapid SL 0.82m WC Frame with Concealed Dual Flush Cistern (38526 001).
- Rapid SL Front Wall Brackets, pair (38558 00M).
- Skate Cosmopolitan Rectangular Dual Flush Wall Plate, chrome plated (38732 000).

The GROHE Rapid SL WC frame installation set boasts a wealth of versatile features, making it one of the most popular toilet frame systems. Whether you are planning a new project or modernising your existing bathroom, our Rapid SL frame system ensures hassle-free bathroom installation. Frames can either be built into stud walls or placed in front of a brick or stud wall - so there‘s no need to spend time and money hacking off old tiling. The frame is simply secured in place during the construction or refurbishment of your bathroom and concealed behind a wall. The GROHE concealed cistern, fixed to the 0.82m installation frame, is unbelievably quiet and is fitted with Nova Cosmopolitan dual flush rectangular wall plate with round push-button allowing you to save water by flushing with a reduced water volume.

The GROHE Rapid SL 3 in 1 WC Set 38773000 features and specifications:

Simple and hassle-free installation: Frame and cistern come completely pre-assembled with fixed connections.
Rapid SL 0.82m WC Frame:
Concealed installation: In-wall or in-front-of-the-wall (on-the-wall or studded walls).
Can be used inside full- and mid-height partition walls.
Self-supporting for dry-cladded walls.
Frame load bearing capacity: Up to 400 kg.
Installation height: 0.82 metre.
Complete with 2 x WC pan fixing bolts, distance 180/230mm.
Outlet bend: Ø80mm, complete with depth adjustable Ø80-100mm reducer.
Material: Powder coated steel frame.
Supplied with pair of front wall brackets.
Concealed Cistern, 6-9 ltrs:
Small access opening for maintenance.
Front or top actuation.
Insulated against condensation.
Pneumatic flush valve offering 3 modes of operation: Single non-interruptible flush (6 ltrs), dual flush (factory pre-set 6/3 ltrs, can be adjusted) or start/stop actuation (interrupted flush).
Water supply from left/right or back.
Complete with 1/2'' water supply connection including integrated angle valve and push-fit flexible hose union.
Inlet and outlet connecting set supplied.
Including wall plate Skate Cosmpolitan for dual actuacion 
Horizontal positioning.
Easily removed to give access to the cistern.
Simple installation.
Quiet operation.
GROHE EcoJoy® technology for less water and perfect flow.
Material: Chrome plated ABS.
GROHE StarLight® chrome finish: Resistant to scratches and tarnishing.
Dimensions: 156mm x 197mm, horizontal projection 11mm.
TÜV approved.
5 years GROHE Manufacturer's Guarantee.


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Grohe Rapid Sl 0.82m Wc Concealed Toilet Frame + Grohe Euro Ceramic L Rimless Wall Hung Toilet Pan With Soft Close Seat 7in1 Set

Grohe Rapid Sl 0.82m Wc Concealed Toilet Frame + Grohe Euro Ceramic L Rimless Wall Hung Toilet Pan With Soft Close Seat 7in1 Set

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