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Geberit Up100 Delta 50 Frame + Ivo Wall Hung & Quick Release Seat 6in1 Set

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Geberit’s duofix basic frame system is the backbone to any modern bathroom design. Hidden behind the wall and tiles, the duofix frame supports wall-hung sanitaryware and includes an integral cistern. Frames are available for wall-hung wcs, which can support up to 400kg (63stone), washbasins, bidets and urinals. They come complete with all the necessary parts to connect to the wall and floor and to make the plumbing and drainage connections.

Installation is quick and easy, all that is required is four fixing points, two floor and two on the wall or stud and does not require a supporting wall. Maintenance can be carried out easily through the access panel behind the flush plate.

Complete set of geberit frame with cistern, wc outlet bend, water supply connetion r 1/2" with integrated angle stop and hand wheel, flush bend, protection plug, protection housing for service opening, 2 threaded rods m12 for ceramics fastening, conduit pipe for water supply connection of geberit aquaclean for installation of a wall-hung wc with bolt fixings set at 180 or 230 mm centres

The Geberit Wall Hung Installation Frames

The Geberit Duofix Basic frame system allows you to design and create the bathroom of your dreams.
Hidden behind walls and tiles, Geberit Duofix Basic supports wall hung sanitaryware and includes an integral cistern.

The result is a clean and modern finish with no visible pipework.
The Geberit Duofix Basic frame is the backbone to Geberit's bathroom system.

The sturdy metal frame has been designed to support wall hung sanitaryware without the need for supporting walls.
Frames are available for toilet pans, hand washbasins, bidets and urinals.

The Geberit Duofix Basic frame allows designers to create eye-catching new bathrooms from the bare minimum without expensive structural work.
Frames can simply be bolted to the floor and placed within or attached to walls.
The frame system can be used in the tightest of spaces including corners, allowing designers the freedom to create stunning bathrooms without compromise
Features of this Frame

Concealed Cistern DELTA (UP100) runs from the front

Concealed Cistern with insulation anti-fog
The ability to adjust the amount of flushing water

Constants can be set at a smaller amount of water in the cistern

With the factory settings, you can rinse immediately

Water connection in the middle of the back / top

Manually screw the hose connecting the valve angle

The "stop" button actuator with Delta15, Delta11, Delta40

Flush with Delta20 bipartite trigger control, Delta21 and Delta51


Frame powder coated, Ultramarine Blue


Frame with holes of 9 mm to be mounted in a wooden wall frame

Legs galvanized, continuously adjustable in the range of 0 - 20 cm

Plate Floor, wide fitting for installation in UW50 profile

Depth of 12 cm
The factory setting the amount of water to flush 6 and 3.5 l

The setting range for the flushing water with lots of 4.5 / 6 / 7.5

The Geberit Delta 50 actuator plate with extra environmental friendliness through dual flush actuation.

Flushing with style

Reliable and attractively designed, Geberit actuator plates come in different styles, flush options, colours and finishes to complement all kinds of bathroom design.

They offer functionality that will withstand being pushed time after time.

And if you prefer a touchless solution or remote actuation, an integrated infrared sensor flushes the toilet.

For the mobility impaired, a remote control can be built into a hand rail to conveniently activate the flush.

Dual flush saves water

Actuator plates for two different amounts of water are our contribution to water saving.
Environmental protection is also good for the budget. The dual flush system, with buttons for 3 or 6/9 litres of water, brings real water savings to every household.

The PlumbForLess Ivo Round Wall Hung WC Pan:

- Ceramic wall hung toilet pan with Ø100mm horizontal outlet.

- Stylish and functional design, soft round lines.

- Easy to clean.

- Water saving WC bowl design: 4 and 2.5 litre economy flush capability.

- Overall dimensions (W x D x H), mm: 345 x 500 x 390 (from floor); Please see pictures for details.

- Projection from wall (horizontal projection): 500mm.

- Finish: White gloss.

- Guarantee: 25 years covering manufacturing faults.

Supplied with the PlumbForLess Ivo Round Luxury Soft Close Toilet Seat & Cover:

- Soft close seat mechanism: For comfort and convenience.

- Quick release seat hinges: For easy cleaning and maintenance.

- Anti-bacterial seat surface: To ensure good hygiene.

- Dimensions, mm: Please see pictures.

- Finish: White gloss.

Simple and hassle-free installation: Frame and cistern come completely pre-assembled with fixed connections.




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Geberit Up100 Delta 50 Frame + Ivo Wall Hung & Quick Release Seat 6in1 Set

Geberit Up100 Delta 50 Frame + Ivo Wall Hung & Quick Release Seat 6in1 Set

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