Synergy San Marlo Modern Freestanding Bath 1655 x 750 x 580mm

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Synergy is a simply stunning collection of the best bathroom solutions to suit every conceivable budget and every imaginable requirement. And we have a pet goldfish called Alan, he is not for sale though! We offer super sparkly showers and taps, colourful furniture, as well as gorgeously sleek sophisticated radiators to luxurious shower enclosures. We think the toilets and basins are pretty good too.

The san marlo modern freestanding bath is the very cutting edge in modern design. Boasting sleek, swooping lines and gorgeous curves, this stunning bath is the ideal centre-piece for any bathroom and will be the envy of all who see it. Utilising cutting-edge design and built to the very highest standards, the san marlo offers superior bathing room, durability, heat retention and comfort, making this the ideal place for a relaxing, well-deserved soak.


This highly desirable bath features a specially designed shape to match your posture and shape, allowing you the most luxurious and rewarding soak possible - this makes the san marlo a particularly popular item with glowing feedback from our customers.

Seamless quality - a unique feature of the vip range

Unlike the other baths offered by our competitors, the vip range of modern freestanding baths have no unsightly seam across their surface - this vastly improves the appearance of the bath, and sets our baths apart from the rest. Thanks to their uniquely high quality manufacture, we can promise a completely smooth and flawless surface covering the entire bath, adding further to the already stunning looks these baths possess.

Our range of modern freestanding baths provides state of the art bathing comfort

Combining the latest designs with modern practicality, this modern range also offers truly excellent value for money - this really is an ideal combination of style and substance. With their stunning curved edges, sleek and elegant lines, bold shapes and eye-catchingly smooth acrylic finish, these baths will set your bathroom apart from the crowd. Built with extra-high sides for maximum water capacity, and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure lasting durability, these modern freestanding baths are the ideal choice for your home.

Crafted from two high quality acrylic panels, each acrylic skin is given extra support with the resistant properties of resin bonded glass fibres on both the inner and outer linings. For the added retention of heat, each panel is lined with special thermal sheeting, ensuring total heat efficiency. Finally, a tight bond between each skin and the bath base is formed via the solidity of a strengthened polyester cast. All of this ensures your water stays as hot as possible, allowing you as much time as possible to forget your worries and unwind.

Now available in three sizes

Due to popular demand, we now offer this stunning bath in a choice of three sizes, allowing you maximum flexibility when putting together your dream bathroom.

Caring for your bath

Should a superficial surface scratch be created, car polishes and enamel cleaning liquids can be utilised in order to restore the sheen to the bath's acrylic body. Never use solvents on the surface of the bath, these will cause permanent harm to its material finish. Clean daily with a simple damp sponge or cloth and a small amount of soap water.

    LENGHTH 1650 – 1699 mm
    WIDTH 750 – 799 mm

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Synergy San Marlo Modern Freestanding Bath 1655 x 750 x 580mm

Synergy San Marlo Modern Freestanding Bath 1655 x 750 x 580mm

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