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Grohe Red II Duo L Spout Tap & M Size Boiler Chrome

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The new GROHE Red Duo single-lever tap won’t make you wait for kettle-hot water – so you can whiz through kitchen tasks

GROHE Red® Duo Kitchen Sink Mixer:
- Installation: Deck mounted monobloc (one-hole).
- GROHE QuickFix™ rapid installation system with centering support: Faster, easier and hassle-free installation with straightforward instructions; Flexible connection hoses supplied.
- Operation: Non-filtered water - single straight metal lever handle with GROHE SilkMove® 35mm ceramic cartridge ensures precise and effortless water control for a lifetime of smooth and comfortable tap handling; Boiling water - separate GROHE ChildLock certified safety handle with pull and turn closure, ceramic headpart 1/2''.
- SmoothTurn: Easily swivelling C-shaped (arched) high insulated tubular spout offers maximum comfort at minimal effort when switching between two basins, high spout is especially convenient for filling and cleaning tall/large pots.
- Swivel range: 180° - flexible functionality provides full operating control at all times, letting you switch easily between two basins.
- Insulated spout: GROHE CoolTouch® safety housing technology eliminates any risk of scalding.
- Separate inner water ways for boiling and non-filtered water.
- Protected against backflow.
- Max. clamping length: 60mm.
- Flow rate at 3 bar flow pressure: Non-filtered water - approx. 6.8 ltrs/min; Boiling water - approx. 3.4 ltrs/min.
- GROHE StarLight® chrome finish: Resistant to scratches and tarnishing for enduring pristine looks.
GROHE Red® 99 Single Boiler (boiling water storage heater):
- Capacity: 4.0 litres, available volume at 99°C - 3.0 ltrs/min.
- Heating time from 10°C to 99°C: approx. 15 min.
- Titanium boiler:- highly resistant to corrosion and limescale build-up.
- CE approved.
- Power supply: 230V AC, 50 Hz.
- Power consumption: 2,100W (stand-by - 15W).
- Type of protection: IPX4.
- Supplied with safety relief valve assembly and expansion vessel.
GROHE Blue® Water Filter Cartridge:
- 4-phased GROHE Blue® water filtering process: Reduces carbonate hardness and filters out heavy metals such as lead and copper; Clouding, organic contamination and substances which impair odour and taste (chlorine residues) are also reduced.
- Capacity: up to 600 litres (bypass 2) or max. 12 months.
GROHE Blue® Filter Head:
- Flexible filter adjustment: 600 ltrs, 1,500 ltrs or 3,000 ltrs replacement filter cartridges (factory pre-set for operation with 600 ltrs filters).
- Can be adjusted to work in a hard or soft water areas (factory pre-set to carbonate hardness C3 (bypass 2)).
- Easy to exchange filter cartridge.
- Fitted with a type-tested non-return valve.
• Supplied with flow meter/sensor, display unit (battery included) and 1,500mm cable.
- Type of protection: Display unit - IPX4; Sensor - IPX8.
• Recommended flow pressure: 2.0-5.0 bar.
• Approvals: WRAS.
• Dimensions (H x W x D), mm: Boiler unit - 325 x 210 x 300; See pictures for details.
• 5 years GROHE Manufacturer's Guarantee.

Grohe Red Titanium Boiler

All boilers in the Grohe Red range are made from titanium. Unlike stainless steel and copper, 2 metals traditionally used for boilers, titanium is highly resistant to corrosion and limescale build up - ensuring perfect performance over a lifetime. It also ensures that your water is free of any metallic taste.
M Size which provides up to 3 litres of kettle hot water directly from the tap. It has been designed to fit discreetly below the sink, leaving you more counter space and a cleaner, clearer looking kitchen.

Holiday Mode

The Grohe Red boilers also have a Holiday Mode - Simply switch the boiler to holiday mode, making sure any water is only heated to 60oC for futher energy savings

LED Push Buttom Activation for ChildLock

Simply push the lock symbol of the LED display for 1 second. The LED will flash red. When the child lock is activated the LED shows a constant red light. Press and hold the lower GROHE Red icon to get kettle-hot water. Remove your finger to stop the water flow immediately. GROHE Childlock LED is automatically reactivated when the GROHE Red function is not used for 5 seconds. Press the lock icon for a second time and the LED will flash yellow.

Grohe Starlight

Grohe Starlight chrome coating means you can just wipe them down with a dry cloth - no marks, no streaks, no water spots. The ultra bright surface is scratch resistant so will keep its original lustre with minimal maintenance

Save Water Save Time

Whether it's cooking pasta, blanching vegetables or preparing a babys bottle, Grohe Red cuts out the waiting time with kettle hot water ready for you, the instant you want it. With Grohe Red you only take the hot water you need, saving precious water and time. In combination with the large GROHE Red boiler, which can replace a warm water outlet in the kitchen, the system saves even more water. The large Grohe Red boiler delivers the heated water for both kettle hot water and also warm water for the sink mixer instantly. No more wasted water while you wait for it to reach optimum temperature.


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Grohe Red II Duo L Spout Tap & M Size Boiler Chrome

Grohe Red II Duo L Spout Tap & M Size Boiler Chrome

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